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The World Health Organisation recommends the Costa Blanca as being one of the most equitable regions in the world in which to live, neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter.

The Mediterranean coasts averages about 3,000 hours of sunshine per year (equivalent to about 320 days per year). The temperature averaged over the year is more than 20 degrees Centigrade.

This reliable sunshine record is one of the main attractions that encourage people from all over the world to live in this area and enjoy the fantastic lifestyle that is on offer. The rainfall is much lower than in the UK, giving you even more opportunity to enjoy the outdoor life.


Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura stands at the mouth of the river Segura and is surrounded by pine, palm and eucalyptus trees all of which were planted to prevent erosion of one of Spain's finest beaches. Guardamar’s strategic position on a hill over the Vega Baja made it the ideal settlement for the various peoples that inhabited this part of Spain. Guardamar owes its very existence and livelihood to the dunes that have shaped it.

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Why so many fiestas in Spain?

Fiestas symbolise the very essence of Spain and the Spanish people. They're colourful, vibrant, usually extremely noisy, often chaotic and always great fun.

The origins of many of the country's countless fiestas lie in religious feasts, often honouring a patron saint. It's the same in northern Europe where many public holidays were born out of religious “holy days”.

But northern Europe simply can't compete with Spain when it comes to turning a religious celebration into a riotous round-the-clock knees up. Perhaps it's the warm weather or maybe it's the exuberant, uninhibited nature of the Spaniards who just love to party. One thing's for certain: when it's fiesta time, no-one does it better than the Spanish!

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Working in Spain

At present, the Spanish job market is robust, which makes working in Spain an achievable dream. The wages are generally lower than those in northern Europe, but the cost of living is lower and the overall lifestyle better. Most qualifications obtained elsewhere in the European Union are recognised in Spain with the workforce accepting foreigners into the community.

Obtaining a contract of at least 6 months from your employer will guarantee you the same rights as a Spanish employee. This contact should be read carefully so getting it translated if you do not speak Spanish is a good idea. Temporary contracts are generally offered for 3/6/9 months. After this contract expires, to keep you on, the employer has to offer a long-term contract to keep you on.

Work hours in Spain can sometimes include a siesta (which is a 2 - 3 hour break in the afternoon). Most business shut down at this time and re-open in the cooler hours of the evening.

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Guide to Buying

Purchasing Costs in Spain

Apart from the actual cost of a property, you will need to allow approximately 13% of the purchase price to cover the various fees and costs of acquiring a property.

The 13% will cover Solicitor's fees, Translation fees, Land Registry costs, Notary fees, Stamp Duty and IVA [VAT].

IVA (VAT) on new construction at 10% of the contract price (16% on land) or Transfer Tax (Stamp Duty) on re-sales at 10% of the declared value

Plus Legal Fees at 1% approximately, Notary and Land Registry Fees at 1% approximately, Title Deed Tax at 0.5% of the declared value, plus Valia tax on any increase in land value varies and may not even apply.

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Frequent Questions

Payment structure for a new property

A deposit of 3000 euros or sterling equivalent will be required to secure a reservation on a resale property. The deposit on a new property is a minimum of 6000 euros or 10%. Staged payments normally deal with the balance of the purchase. After 30 days a payment of between 30% and 50% will be paid. The outstanding balance will be settled on completion once you have inspected your property

Can prices increase before I get to Spain?

Our prices are updated on a regular basis. However, to avoid large price increases we suggest that soon after you have decided to buy, you arrange a trip over to view. This puts you in the right place at the right time to secure a property.

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